Tesla Motors: One Step Closer In Their Green Revolution

In light of the energy crisis, Tesla Motors Inc. has always strived to find a viable alternative to the use of fossil fuels. With that idea in mind, the company is now closer than it has ever been to making that dream a reality.

The idea Tesla Motors is working to implement is a solution that is energy efficient and can be used as a cheaper, more feasible alternative to depleting fuels. The company has been gearing towards making fuel efficient batteries that can replace petroleum and natural gas and also provide energy for electricity.

To bring its efforts to fruition, Tesla has opened three enormous battery storages in California, which is one of the biggest in the world. The storage facilities can power over fifteen thousand homes in the California area. In addition, battery storage plants consume less energy than other power source plants. Battery storage plants also generate fewer pollutants making this kind of energy production a significantly greener one.


With the use of its new PowerPack 2 lithium batteries, the batteries are able to store solar and wind energy and convert it to a usable form when needed. The idea of using renewable sources of energy as an efficient alternative to fossil fuels has been a timeless one, yet the renewable energy industry hasn’t seen much growth over time.

Tesla Motors Inc. decided to set this project in motion after the natural gas leak at Aliso Canyon in Los Angeles early last year. The purpose was so that the county wouldn’t face any serious repercussions and power cuts owing to the disaster.

The goal to make California a renewable energy dependent state is a remarkable one, but far from what Tesla wants to achieve. The company wants to revolutionize the entire industry. By 2020, the company wants to be able to generate as much as 15 gigawatts/hour of battery storage per year in comparison to the 1 gigawatt produced by energy companies in 2016.

According to a study conducted by the BNEF, for Tesla’s solution to work, the amount of money spent on each new battery storage facility would have to see a significant drop for the solution to be implemented. For now, considering that Tesla is still in the early days of the conception of this idea, it will be along before the cost of the plants can be cut down with the amount of energy Tesla aims to produce.

For now, fossil fuel companies are taking over the market. With fossil fuels being more readily available and currently being cheaper, people tend to opt for those alternatives even though they know that these are soon to be depleted resources. Our current energy utilization is far more than what renewable energy plants are equipped to handle. Keeping up with the extremely high demand can be hard, but since the depletion of natural gas in an inevitable one, it’s surprising to see that more energy companies aren’t taking the green route.

It’s safe to say that our future is riding on you, Tesla Motors!

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