Do you feel that traveling alone is tedious and unsafe because you never left your house without your mom or someone accompanying you?

People don’t travel alone because there is nobody to go with them. It is maybe because they get tired of waiting for the perfect partner and just go or maybe because they want to experience an adventurous life and to take along somebody will make it easier and less exploring due to dependency on their partner.

Safety should be your priority. You should be smart, fearless and aware before traveling alone. We have survived a lot of miss-happenings in this world because we know how to handle our safety and be aware of deadly situations. That is what you have to keep doing throughout the whole journey. Do research on how to carry yourself along with the people there, where you are traveling. You wouldn’t want to be gaudy especially if you are alone, just respect your surroundings and mix yourself with the crowd.

If you are a female and scared of traveling alone, you just need to be prepared and should be aware of the culture and surrounding of the country or place. Being a woman creates concerns and issues, you just need to follow cultural norms and be alert of who keeps a dangerous eye on you. Every day millions of girls travel alone. Confidence is the key!

If you are not sure about the approvals of tour friends and family because they are the most important people in your life and their opinions matter the most, try to explain them your desire and your dream. If you have the capability to achieve no one can keep you away from doing what want to. Anyone else with a negative opinion doesn’t need to be considered.

You don’t have to wait for anyone to join you, to be honest. If someone you consider crucial to be around, then they should know their priorities and not waste your time. If they can’t, you will meet so many people out there on the road with the same situation as you and you might become friends!

About getting bored, you’ll never get bored if you are traveling. Even a road trip will be excited because of its stops to explore, maybe a cultural eatery or a herd of sheep’s or on-bus buskers, taking a local transport, trying new food, checking in different stores, or exploring fields.

If you think you are shy and an introvert and cannot communicate or explore properly because you feel awkward. Solo traveling will overcome this aspect of yours. Being solo makes it easier to meet and open up to interactions with new people and environment. Travelling can help you to get over shyness with small talks and interactions.

Lastly, traveling alone can help you not to depend on others and stand for yourself, and if you come home early due to any reason, at least you were brave enough to try and not to face any regrets!

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