Taking Larger-Than-Life Photos Of Yourself On Travel

If you are travelling alone this is the only problem you can ever think of. Of course everyone wants to capture their beautiful journey as a memory and to brag about how adventurous your trip was until your next tour comes. But how are you supposed to be in the picture if you are all by yourself? The answer lies within. Let’s look into the intelligent use of technology to learn to solo travel photos.

You can take timed-photo. Timed photos really make people think that someone is accompanying you. Most of the smart phones and cameras now have this technology. I think a timer option is created for solo travel and take complete full body pictures of you. You just need a right angle, proper adjustment and a bit of the idea to stand in the right position to be fully covered in the camera. Now run so you can get in the picture!

There is another technique that will cover the entire journey for you to put your phone on video record and start recording yourself and your journey. Then you can view the video later and pause and screenshot it to make a still out of your perfect picture.

Slow motion videos have gained much hype after snap chat. However there are other apps through which you can record a slo-mo video for long and it gives you the chance to get even better picture through a video. You can test it out with anything moving fast or a beautiful waterfall that came between your trip. You can even use a front camera or set your angle and jump into the scene to take the accurate shot.

Carry a selfie stick with you. It is the trendiest thing these days but there are serious advantages to it. Selfie sticks take awesome wide lens pictures and can cover a good background involving you in the scene. Don’t care about what people say because selfie stick make you look a little bragger but who cares if you have to take solo pictures of your journey!

If you forget to bring your selfie stick first thing is to check this link to not to forget any essential take along. Secondly, work your way out with a front camera because you have to create a memory and don’t want to miss out on anything as you don’t get a chance to travel every day. Hold your camera up at a high angle to cover more of scenery which typically makes you look better as well.

Try taking panoramic photos before heading out. It does require a steady hand and practice in which you have to hold your phone still, slowly moving it along the nerve-wrecking red line that your camera shows in order to cover the whole 180 degree angle.

If nothing works, just only ask someone to take a picture of you. To avoid the awkwardness you can offer them first to take their picture just to be polite. As simple as that!

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