How To Fly Often Without Draining Your Pocket

If you are a frequent flier, you have come to the right place! We have a few tips and tricks for you to earn some travel points that won’t let travel become heavy on your pocket. Earning points without a lot of cash can make you become a travel hacker for easy travel with less hassle.

Contract for Credit Cards
Credit card companies and banks often offer bonuses and perks for signing up for their cards. You just need to read the terms carefully and find out for bonuses and benefits before signing up and note if they charge you any annual fee attached to the card. Then, travel in a co-branded airline or use a hotel-branded card that links with the airline for extra points and good deals.

Do more online shopping
To avail discounts and points on your flying check links of brands to the airline, you want to travel as some shopping brands offer end deals. For example, JetBlue has deals with iTunes, Sephora, and Southwest offer points for purchasing wine. It is an easy way to earn points on purchases you are probably already making.

Eat at restaurants
Just like brands, restaurants are too linked with airlines, and many major airlines have dining programs that can earn you points for eating at their restaurant. For example, Delta’s SkyMiles Dining offer deals with restaurants in the main cities like Los Angeles, Seattle and can earn you thousands of points for just signing up for the program.

Keeping up with the government
If you want to travel easy and cheap with government’s airline, then it can be a great help for you. Solar, gas, water, electrical companies that offer you services grant bonuses to their customers if you pay your bills on time. For example, American airline earns you miles when you pay your Direct TV bill.

Survey and open accounts
Many airlines encourage their customers by offering discounted shopping spree and promising free miles on their first surveys and signing up for their programs or activating accounts. For instance, JetBlue has points for a study program.

Sign up for Newsletters
Signup for most of the airline newsletters you want to travel in. There must be some good news for you to sign up for a promotional newsletter that includes notifications of flight sales, contests that can earn you travel rewards, cheap trips, and packages. Also, some airlines make your points for signing up for their digital newsletters in your inboxes, for example, Southwest offers 500 points to those who subscribe to their email.

Treat yourself
Work on charities and donations to earn points and extra miles to travel in a cheap way. Many charitable foundations and research centers such as National Foundation for Cancer Research deals with Delta and United airlines to award miles in exchange for charitable donations. Many hospitals offer points for blood donations. Also heading to a spa or grooming, saloons can earn you discount vouchers to shop at airport outlets.

Once you manage to fly with less expense here is another article for you if you want to save up on your travel and spend less.

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