Why Vegetable Yogurt Is Becoming Increasingly Popular

Food lovers and expert cooks have made their predictions. The trendy new food will easily replace the traditional sweets within the lofts of the fashion conscious shopper.
It is already a super hit item in the US with savory flavors like sweet potato, carrot, and beetroot. Now, it is all set to conquer Europe, and quite a few supermarkets in London have already booked their fill.

The social media addicted shopper of today will eat anything that looks good. Fortunately, vegetable yogurt looks splendid on your mobile screen. Moreover, recent research has revealed that young people regularly post the pictures of their meals over the internet.
It is then, no surprise that the colorful and presentable yogurt has becomes such a hit. There is little doubt that it is here to stay.
Although its name sounds a bit weird in the beginning, vegetable yogurt has built upon the success of its predecessors cactus water, bao buns, and seaweed which made it clear that average eaters are enthralled when they get a chance to post photos of something ‘trendy’ on their Facebook pages.
It becomes all the more enthralling when they can write in the comment that they have just eaten this elegant dish.
These days, people’s perception of the food has also changed. If anything looks good in the picture, people will automatically assume that it will be tasty and nutritious.
Most people like yogurt. It’s a favorite staple of any vegetarian diet. The sound of the vegetarian yogurt has thrilled all those vegetarians who were always on the lookout for a new flavor that they could mix up with their meal to make it more exciting.
The question is whether vegetable yogurt is just a catchy name or is it a novel idea that has turned the simple yogurt savory?
Blue Hill has taken the lead in developing the vegetable yogurt phenomenon. The company has successfully created real yogurt variations that are infused with greens. Another company, Fage recently added some new flavors to the list making it more enticing for the shopper.
Another reason for the increasing popularity of this phenomenon is that vegetable yogurt also confirms to the currently prevalent health trends. They have also allowed the populace to enhance the veg ingredient within their diets. It should, however, be noted that some of the varieties of the staple may still be very rich in sugar.
To be very frank, adding vegetables to yogurt is not an idea from outer space. Haven’t we been mixing spinach with all kinds of smoothies? And what about mixing ice cream with Zucchini?
Isn’t it just great that companies are finally trying to come up with innovative ideas of integrating vegetables in a new product? It is all the more important that some of us find it rather difficult to eat the daily recommended vegetable part of our meals.
I am all for the vegetable yogurt since it also looks good on my Facebook wall.

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