Roger Federer Wins 18TH Grand Slam

The 35-year-old Swiss tennis player has won his 18th Grand Slam in a win that even surprised himself. Many players and analysts have called him the greatest tennis player of all time.

Surprisingly, Federer hurt himself with a knee injury, but came back in form by winning the Australian Open Sunday and hitting it back on Rafael Nadal, his opponent, in just over 3 and a half hours.

These two players are extra ordinarily talented, and the duo proved competitive as both of them battled injuries and are today amongst the senior and experienced players.

Despite having a virus when the Brisbane Tournament started, Federer participated. In 2015, he suffered a knee injury in early February after facing defeat against champion Novak Djokovic in four sets. He went through arthroscopic surgery to repair his torn muscles, which also made him miss the tournaments held in the same month in Dubai and Rotterdam, as well as Indian Wells in March. He had to return to the game in Miami, but couldn’t due to a stomach virus. He made his comeback in Madrid Open, which ranked him the number 2 position around the world despite having to face challenges due to injuries during practice. On 26th July, Federer missed the 2016 Summer Olympics to recover from his knee injury, but this fueled his liveliness later in Australian Open.

This win was surprising for Federer as he stated in an interview earlier before the tournament that he didn’t see himself going for the finals at Australian Open, but still came out to be the happier one.

Back in 2009’s Australian Open, Roger cried tears of defeat after losing to Nadal, but time turned out to be a great healer for him as this time he cried tears of joy. Roger fought again and again for this win and eventually made it in the end in a win similar to his win in 2009 French Open.

Before the game, Federer had an injury on his upper leg. Yet he consistently threatened on the serve and finally got his reward.

In the last game of the tournament, a challenge came from Nadal when the replays showed the ball to be touching the penalty line. The two players talked and hugged over the net after an obvious decision.

After the win, he said that it was a great feeling but slightly strange to win in a complicated way. He was happy to see his wife celebrating in the audience before the results came out.

Nadal hadn’t lost to Federer at a grand slam since Wimbledon in 2007. He was 7-2 in grand slam finals against him and 23-11 overall.

With his back injury, Federer was unable to maintain his form in Wimbledon, suffering his worst Grand Slam tournament defeat against Sergiy Stakhovsky. He was suffering with his back injury when he announced that he is parting ways from his coach Paul Annacone, who has been with him since the past three years.

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