Facebook’s Unrestricted Access: How Not Reading Terms and Conditions Is Backfiring At Us

All of us are guilty of doing it – downloading an app that we want to use and just conveniently skipping over the terms and conditions. Let’s face it, the terms and conditions can be hard to go over considering how time-consuming it is to read.

The course of action ends up with us seeing the words ‘terms and conditions’ and casually scrolling through them without realizing that we are agreeing to stand by the rules of something we have never even read.

These terms and conditions aren’t just there to tell you “Hey we know you are excited for our app so slow down and take a breather by scrolling through useless information”. The Terms and Conditions are actually a vital part of the legalities and permissions that a company wants you to approve.  Facebook also, like every other site has a long page of terms and conditions, which quite frankly, everyone skips over. However, in doing so, people all over the world have given Facebook the authority to gain access to private information and knowledge they otherwise might not want to give.

Think of it this way. Let’s say there was a man who was always around you, wherever you go. If the man is indeed stalking you, it’s quite possible he will try to bug your home with microphones and cameras just to get a closer glimpse into your life. What would your reaction be? You would definitely try to do something about it or call the police and have him arrested, or at the very least, make sure he isn’t trying to do creepy things like this to you ever again. Well, here’s some news for you. Facebook is that creepy stalker.

However, Zuckerberg and the employees at Facebook won’t go to jail for that since what they are doing is completely legal (that’s probably why you should read the terms and conditions). When a person signs up for facebook especially its mobile apps, they are authorizing Facebook to gain access to their phones camera and recording devices. This means that Facebook can listen to any of your conversations and get access to recordings of you, all because you authorized it to. In addition, Facebook has access to every contact and their information on your phone as well as any other details you may have on your phone including call logs and private messages.

Another thing that Facebook is completely authorized to do is contact members of your contact list, either independently or through your phone. This means that sometimes, you will be charged by Facebook without even knowing it.

However, Facebook is completely in the clear regarding this owing to the fact that these intentions are clearly stated in the terms and conditions. Also, with the fact that it is extremely hard for Facebook to be spying on everyone at all times, isit is highly unlikely that a facebook employee is listening to you right now. The terms and conditions have clearly stated that there will be a breach of privacy on downloading the app since giving out all your informatioarerequired for the complete download of the app.

In other words, Facebook is a perfectly legal stalker, you just didn’t know it.

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