Banking Your Way In The United States

There presently is so many credit unions and banks it’s almost too many to count. Here in Jacksonville, Florida alone there are many banks, some have changed their name many times over the years such as Wachovia now known as Wells Fargo. This also includes BB & T, Ameris Bank, Chase Manhatten, and Wood Forest National Bank. Most of these banks offer many similar services such as home loans, car loans, and credit cards with many of these franchises charging for their services.

Wood Forest National Bank is located in many Walmart’s around the globe giving people a chance to do their shopping and banking all in one stop. Woodforest is actually one of the few banks that stays open until 7:00 P.M whereas most other banks are usually closed by 4:00 p.M. or 5:00 P.M. This can make it hard on people that have to work in town. Chase Manhatten Bank, on the other hand, is known for being rough on home mortgages often leading to foreclosures. I personally have witnessed my own grandmother having to withdrawal $40,000 out of her retirement just to save her house, but fortunately, I was able to convince her to transfer her mortgage to M&T Bank. It was one of the most devastating things I’ve ever seen her go through. We aren’t sure if another bank would have handled the situation any differently, but I do know the customer service left a lot to be desired. Some banks are just friendlier than others.

Most banks are covered by FDIC., which insures your savings up to one hundred thousand dollars. These banks handle retirements and payrolls doing this for millions of individuals each year. You have many opportunities to find the bank that can serve you the best and many of these banks are located in convenient locations such as downtown or local shopping malls.

Drive up services are offered at most banking locations with ATM’s that can furnish your money when you need it the most. Unfortunately, we are sometimes reminded of the world we live in today when some banks become victims of robberies. Many times robbers will come in ordering the cashiers to turn over the money at their windows. Fortunately, banks train their employees for this particular situation, and while we feel it would be better if employees could carry weapons, we also can see the liability in doing so. This brings us to our next feature, safety deposit boxes.

You can keep your income Tax Records. Medical Documents, Jewelry, just about anything you may be worried about losing or having stolen in these boxes hence the name, safety deposit box. As a quick note some people may want to store their guns in a safety deposit box which can be a smart idea, but please be careful in doing so. Call or let someone know that you are bringing a gun in, the last thing you want is prison for carrying a firearm into a federal building.

We hope many of these tips have helped you and maybe you learned something about banks you didn’t know. Sometimes choosing the right one can be hard just remember, do your research, and never be afraid to ask questions.





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