World Cricket Leagues

Cricket is the favorite sport in the region of countries that involve Australasia, United Kingdom, Indian Subcontinent, Southern Africa, and the Caribbean. It attracts people of all ages and matches are played in stadiums with millions of cricket fans and critics.

Test cricket is the highest standard of first-class cricket. Test match is played between two teams representing their respective countries and is longer in length than your ODI’s. Test matches last up to three to five days due to an unlimited number of billing attempts. Games not finished within the allotted time are considered drawn.

A one-day match is supposed to be completed in a day. It consists of limited overs so the result can be known on the spot and is the most common form of cricket played at the international level. Certain miss-happening or inclement weather can delay a match for the second day. The World Cricket Cup helps in this form of event.

Twenty20 cricket is another variety of limited over cricket that allows only 20 over, each containing six bowling attempts. The purpose is to complete the match within a couple of hours. Twenty20 was introduced in England in 2003 with the concept to entertain the viewers.

These forms of matches combine to form a group called ‘’series’’.
Most countries have created their own cricket league which is held every year on an international level attracting money and fame that was once unheard of in cricket.

Let’s take a look at the best cricket leagues around the world and their facts.

Indian Premier League was formed by the Board of Cricket Control of India to encounter a rebellious league which was not registered and approved. These leagues have taken on the shape of business and have been criticized for match fixing. Even though today, IPL stands as the most watched and most famous cricketing t20 league.

Inspired by IPL, Cricket Australia launched their T20 cricket known as Big Bash League. It consists of 8 teams with international and local stars providing exciting matches for the Aussie crowd in 2011 first.

England is the home of cricket. All form of games were first played in England. England NatWest T20 Blast League was the platform to introduce T20 format and gained popularity in a football-loving country. It still attracts a crowd but not a big success if compared to IPL and Big Bash.

Number four is South Africa’s Ram Slam T20. Large groups and competitive matches have proved Ram Slam one of the best leagues around the world. In few years it has lost its viewers but still better than the new leagues.

Pakistan Super League reflects the love and passion of Pakistani’s for cricket. The tournament first started in 2016 with an impressive yet low scoring. Being a new league still, has created a place for itself in the hearts of cricket fans due to the active involvement of international and local players. PSL has sacked big names with offering attractive packages besides by providing more than four times what a player gets in IPL.

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