Galaxy Is The New Trend!

The path to the heart is right through the stomach.

Rainbow was a huge success lately, and twitters and most probably every social site got crazy after it, a new food trend is taking over Instagram, and people are obsessed with it because it is literally out of this word!

‘’Galaxy Desserts’’ are sweet delicacy’s that appear to have the entire universe on them, and it looks gorgeous because of their starry night look. Almost too beautiful to eat but I’ll eat it anyway after taking 200 pictures of it at every angle!

Doughnuts, cakes, pastries, cookies macaroons whatever; inspired by cosmos to catch your eye and almost irresistible to get your hands on them. Whatever I cook never looks so tempting and forgets about the presentation I could not even get the perfect balance of spices. Food developers have started making all kinds of treats to attract the human eye but this creation is a never-ending trend, and you just can’t get enough of it as the more you see it, the more you drool over it and get lost in their beauty.

The trend started from Heather Baird a baker by profession who made a Galaxy cake, and it became a hit. After this attempt, other cooks started making desserts using the similar techniques. Culinary Instagrammers are sharing thousands of photos of their space-inspired creations. Be prepared for galaxy-themed everything after Nutella everything until you get bored of it. But look at these is it even real?
Different desserts use different techniques and methods to give them look of a beautiful space.

For a Mirror Glaze Galaxy Cake, the sponge is the black velvet, and the outside of the cake is covered in white fondant. Then a glaze is prepared using white chocolate, icing sugar, gelatin and food dyes to give it a glossy layer and white spots are added with food color as a finishing touch to reflect the stars.
However, Galaxy Doughnuts are glazed by dipping a doughnut into icing that has the appropriate food coloring reflecting the colors of the galaxy.

Galaxy French Macaroons are made by following up the core macaroon recipe. The twist is to use gel based food coloring into the batter, not over-mixing it for them to hold a shape and the results come out perfect!

The main secret to it is the Gel Paste Food Coloring. Without these any galaxy confectionary is successful. Gel dyes color non-dairy whipped icings and toppings without breaking them down. Gel colors do not harden so can be kept up for a longer time. The gel colors will cost you up to $27.00 from Amazon.

The latest trend makes things mostly overrated and pricey. Agreed! The craze for this confectionary has done everyone’s pockets empty as first of all you need the right equipment to create the perfect galaxy look. Secondly, the bakeries and brands who provide such luxuries charge quite too much, so it is heavy in one’s pocket.

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