Innovations that are revolutionizing the Sports Industry

It is the beginning of 2017, and we already hear cheers for Fifa 2018. The Leagues are going on, and Cricket seems like a non-stop fever now. However, when we look at the past, we do not see such a hype and excitement among the fans. Then what is keeping them so focused and excited regarding their favorite sports? What sort of innovative solutions and approaches are revolutionizing the sports industry? Here is a list of innovations and strategies that are taking place today.
Fan Engagement
Everything around us is becoming digitalized. Social media has revolutionized the communication between people and industries on such a scale that has never been witnessed before. From every corner coffee shop to every Fortune 500 organization realizes that in today’s market, if an organization is planning to stay alive for the longer period, it has to make its mark on the customer pool, else it will be left behind. It is same with the sports industry. Every next event is being streamed on the social media. From interviews, to heat up fights between players, all is being recorded and streamed live on the internet. According to research, around 83% people use their social media accounts while watching games. Simply put, Social Media engagement has created a good hype among fans.
Virtual Reality
Gone are days of 3D. Now everyone is talking about VR headsets. First introduced for gaming, VR headsets give an accurate sense of 3D 360 degrees viewing. The idea was to add headphones that will detect the wearer’s head movements, process it, and then the display will show the wearer from the angle where his or her head is tilted. Sports also realized the opportunity of this and started to develop their innovative solution. In 2016, during NBA game, first time, the VR technology was introduced for the comfort of the viewers who could not reach the stadium themselves. The viewers now could view the match from the 360-degree angle.
Smart Stadium
Smart Stadiums are still in infancy, but they are indeed revealing what a 21st century’s stadium should look like. By the concept, Smart stadiums allow the fans in the stadium to some amazing features. Introducing Wi-Fi coverage in the whole stadium, now you can watch replays and scores just from the touch on your cell phone screen. Moreover, you can order your meal just suing your cell phone, guide yourself to your seat and also find the closest washroom location through your cell phone.
Drone Technology
Drone Technology is also advancing at a high pace since the start of this century. Use of drones may seem limited when it comes to sport, but reality is opposite. Through the use of flying drone camera, viewers are now getting much better views that were thought to be impossible before to take. Moreover, use of drones to locate seats and to enhance meal delivery services by using drones is also taking place.

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